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What you're after is truth from the inside out.
Enter me, then; conceive a new, true life.

(Psalm 51:6 The Message)

A safe place for sharing information for healing Ritual Abuse, Mind Control, Sexual Abuse, living with Dissociative Conditions, and finding Biblical Truth

We who have run for our very lives to God have every reason

to grab on to the promised hope and not let go.  Hebrews 6 / The Message

Prayers For Freedom From Bondage & Inner Healing

How To Use These Prayers Forgiveness / Prayer Confession and Deliverance From Occult Sins
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Counselor's prayer for protection during ministry Rebellion / Prayer to Renounce Rebellion Astral Projection and Divination
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Confession of Faith and Position in Christ Breaking Satanic Dedication and Blood Covenants / Prayer Soul Ties and Cords of Iniquity / Prayer

The Rule Of The Victor Prayer

Permission is given to duplicate provided the text is not changed.

There are hundreds of healing and deliverance prayers in circulation today. Many are similar or contain parts that are similar because of the Scriptural basis of the prayers.

These prayers contain Scripture and material similar to other prayers offered by those ministering healing and deliverance. They were developed over a period of fifteen years and incorporate parts and ideas from many teachings. No attempt was made to copy or own any specific prayers. They were developed to provide effective and powerful tools for the saints to use in the warfare with the kingdom of darkness. Any material that is similar is purely coincidental.

How to use these prayers

Before having anyone pray these prayers, spend time with them to build a relationship. Try to determine what is cause of their problem. The surface manifestations are only the "leaves on the tree." Keep digging until you find the root of the problem. This will be an area that has given Satan a right to harass them. Spend time building trust with those to whom you minister. Do not use these prayers as a ritual to take people through because that will not work.

Trust the Holy Spirit to lead you when to take counselees through these prayers. I have found, by experience, that an average of three prayers per session is enough. Allow the counselee plenty of time to go through each prayer. Explain each prayer thoroughly before having them pray the prayer. Much information can be gathered as they discuss and pray these prayers.

Sometimes, I have people take the prayers home and pray prayer No. 1 daily until our next session together. This technique will start to bring the truth to the surface and then you will have something to work with.

Please Note:
The terms demon, evil spirit and spirits of darkness, are used interchangeably because they are all the same entity. Can a Christian have a demon? This question always comes up with Christians. A Christian cannot be possessed by a demon because their spirit is possessed by the Holy Spirit. Humans are three part beings. See Genesis 2:7, "The Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul." God created a three part being. God took the dust of the ground and made the body or flesh. He breathed the breath of life into man which is the spirit part. When the spirit came into that body of flesh, it produced a soul. The soul or mind is the thinking and reasoning part of humans. The soul or mind is where the will, intellect and emotions reside. Demons attack and attach themselves to the minds of people to control their will and torment their emotions. Can you see why the Bible says that Satan is after the souls (minds) of men? Satan will try to block a person who is seeking God or get them put away in a mental hospital. Jesus came to set the captives free, Luke 4:18-19.

Often demons, will gain control of a person's mind. Without God's intervention, the person cannot distinguish the Holy Spirit from the voice of the flesh or demons. Satan will keep them so tormented with condemning voices that they will give up.

Demons speak lies and manifest hate and seduction through the person. Even a Christian! This often drives away the very people who have come to help them. With this demonic interference, a Christian is in no condition to do God's work! People look at their behavior and say, "If that's a Christian, I don't want any of that." Jesus came to set the captive free and sent us to do the same! See Mark 16:17-20. These prayers were developed in the process of setting hundreds of people free.

It is important to note there are some basic conditions to having these prayers work. Jesus died for our sins and became a curse for us so that we would be free. This does not automatically stop all the curses and troubles the enemy is able to work in a person's life. They have to individually appropriate what Jesus did on the cross into their own lives and situations.

Praying these prayers in faith, with a repentant heart, will bring about the desired results. There is a basic requirement one have a personal relationship with Jesus not only as Savior, but Lord, too. It is very important to be water baptized (Acts 2:38). Explain to counselees the importance of water baptism and the baptism in the Holy Spirit. They will need this Holy Spirit power to do effective spiritual warfare. Explain that they may experience some difficulty in praying these prayers. The enemy of their souls and demonic forces will interfere. This interference will stop them from reading or speaking these words and gaining their freedom. These prayers contain large amounts of biblical truths. Scripture has a powerful effect in the spirit realm when confessed aloud. THIS IS SPIRITUAL WARFARE!

Observe them. Note any stumbling at words, skipping words or full lines, blanking out of their minds, confusion, dizziness, or pains in their heads. They may hear voices telling them something like, "This is stupid," "Don't trust this person" or "Run out of the room." They may refuse or not be able to say certain parts of the prayers. If they fight you over doctrine or leave out words or phrases, this could indicate that you may be coming up against a demon. The demon may be blocking them to keep them from doing this. This indicates a spiritual attack. Note the specific areas that are being attacked.

Note if they refuse to say certain parts of these prayers. The type of interference encountered is important information for your future work with them. This gives you some insight as to which spirits are operating or what this person has been involved in. These people must be taught to stand strong and do spiritual warfare.
(Ephesians 6:10-18).

Assure them that they are not going crazy by getting all this interference. This interference is just a tactic of demonic spirits. Explain that this interference is normal and it happens to everyone in some way. Look especially for the operating of spirits of doubt, confusion, rebellion, witchcraft, mind control, fear, etc. When you see these spirits manifest, then you can do spiritual warfare against these spirits. Pray for them, laying hands on their head and softly and with authority, rebuking those interfering spirits.

Before praying for them or touching them, get their permission. Explain exactly what you will do, ie., hold their hand, anoint their forehead with oil, etc. Tell them that you will not touch them or anoint them without their permission. Touch can be very frightening and noxious to sexual abuse and satanic ritual survivors and they may not be able to tolerate it. Before laying hands on anyone, plead the Blood of Jesus over yourself for your protection. Spirits can transfer through touch. This is spiritual warfare and you need to listen to what the Holy Spirit is telling you. The Holy Spirit is there to help you. Listen to His leading or watch for a "check" in Your spirit. If you are in prayer, the Holy Spirit will warn you when there is a danger of demonic transfer. Note: spirits cannot enter you without an opening in your life. Counselors need to deal with their own issues before ministering deliverance to others!

Although the spirit cannot enter you, they can attach or rest on the outside and cause quite a few problems if allowed. If this happens, just rebuke the spirit and command it to leave in Jesus' name. Anointing with oil and prayer can have a powerful positive effect on a person. Ask the Holy Spirit to help them make it through these prayers and this work. Speak in a normal, quiet voice, ministering to them with love and gentleness. It is so important to put them at ease when they start to experience interference. Tell them, "Don't be disturbed by this, just relax." However, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO LET ME KNOW WHEN THIS IS HAPPENING." Ask them to tell you about the interference when it happens. Then pray for them. You can say, "I bind all spirits that are interfering. I command you to stop your interference in Jesus' name." Wait a few minutes for the interfering spirits to stop. Before you do this, explain to the person what you are going to do. Explain that you are not speaking to them but to the spirits. Tell them to wait a few minutes for the prayer to take effect. Tell them you are not going to exercise power over them, but only over the spirits.

Tell the person to let you know when it feels like the interference, tightness or cloudiness in their mind has let up and their mind is clear. Sometimes, it is helpful to have the counselee look directly at you, keeping their eyes open while you are binding the spirits. Do everything you can to make the person feel safe. You want to empower the counselee and have them work with you in this process.

A little about multiple personality disorder & multiples

If this is a person with known Multiple Personality Disorder, be sure to explain to them and their alters that you are not talking to the parts, but to interfering spirits. Before commanding any spirits to leave a person with MPD, ask the host personality to go inside and have some caretaking part make sure all the little child alters are in a safe place.

Evil spirits often torment and scare the child alters. A clue to demonic activity in a multiple is a sudden shift in the internal system. One day, all the parts are peaceful and working together; the next day, there is chaos or fear everywhere.

If you have worked with the system and befriended a child part, speak to that part. Ask the child part if it knows, sees or senses anything that is evil or frightening. They will give you some indication if an evil spirit is operating. They may just describe what they are feeling, sensing or seeing.

Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance. Try to determine if what you are observing is something a demon would do. Often the Holy Spirit will tell you that what you are observing is being caused by a demon. What you see happening to the person will be a clue to the nature of the spirits operating in the internal system. Not all they are experiencing is due to demonic forces. Some cult programming or cult loyal alters may be coming to the surface. You will have to depend on the Holy Spirit's guidance. Refer to Dr. James G. Friesen's book, "Uncovering the Mystery of Multiple Personality Disorder," Thomas Nelson: Nashville, TN, 1992.

Another book on MPD is by Dr. Loreda Fox, "The Spiritual and Clinical Dimensions of Multiple Personality Disorder," Books of Sangre de Cristo, P.O. Box 963, Salida, CO, 1992.

As you work with a person, tell them to just relax and help make them as comfortable as possible. Speak gently and confidently and explain that they will make it through if they will persevere. This will keep a spirit of fear from troubling them or getting an advantage. Remind them, Greater is He (the Holy Spirit), than he that is in the world." Watch the person's body language while praying these prayers. They may exhibit rebellious postures or a spirit or alter may act through the person. How they cooperate with you will give you some sign of their humility and determination to be free. If you continue to get resistance even after binding the spirits, you may be coming against their own human will. People unconsciously resist because of their woundedness.

Some people may have been in a false religion or under a controlling religious cult leader. Some have suffered psychological mind control programming, electric shock and Satanic Ritual Abuse.

These people fear being manipulated and re-abused. They could have been programmed to fear punishment by the cult if they went to a minister or counselor. They may have been abused by a minister or counselor. It is not unusual for them to be set up by the cult, then caught and punished for going to someone for help. Handle them with utmost care and loving kindness. They may be afraid to pray these prayers at the first session because of all the betrayal in their life. They have been abandoned so often that it's hard for them to trust and connect. If you persevere, you will win them over with love. You have to treat them like Jesus would treat them. Be patient, loving and go SLOW!

Be aware of any occult, New Age or odd jewelry that they might be wearing, especially if it contains cryptic symbols. Certain jewelry can give rights to demons to interfere with the work you are doing. When demons have a legal right to a person, the demons will tell you that they don't have to leave. A sure sign of a curse, pact or dedication is when the demon says, "He belongs to me." Ask the person if they ever made a vow, pact or dedication. They need to repent of the vow, pact or dedication and ask God to forgive them. After they do this you can command any spirits that came in with the vow, to leave. This is covered in detail in Prayer No. 7, "Breaking Satanic Dedications and Blood Covenants." The issue is not just getting free, but taking responsibility for their lives.

Once they are free they must be willing to do effective spiritual warfare to remain free. If they are not ready to do this type of work, you will be wasting your time! Let them know that this is a learning experience and a time of training in spiritual warfare. If the person continues to be difficult to work with, they may not be committed to being set free. You are there for them and if they don't want to work on their issues, that is their choice. Don't waste your time trying to make someone do what they don't want to do. Challenge them at some point, but do it in love. If they could be free on their own, they would not be with you.

Counselees must cooperate with you. They must exercise some faith and trust in you and that may take time to develop. God is not in a rush. These prayers are effective when a person exercises faith in God's promises. This is not mechanical. I have experienced God's power come upon a person when they trusted me and trusted God. No demon can stand against the Word of God.

If a person continues to resist then they are not ready. They are having demonic interference or have some kind of theological block. Give them some good books to read on sanctification, spiritual warfare and their position in Christ. This will help them build their faith so they can do this work. Two excellent books are: "The Bondage Breaker," by Neil T. Anderson, Regal Books, 1990, "Victory Over Darkness," by Neil T. Anderson, Harvest House Publisher, 1990. An excellent book for protecting and equipping children is "The Seduction of Our Children" by Neil T. Anderson and Steve Russo, Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, OR, 1992.

Counselor's prayer for protection during ministry

This is prayer you pray before a counseling session...

Dear Heavenly Father, I come before Your throne with (person's name), as Your child, washed in the Blood of Jesus. I ask You to give me the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord. Make me of quick understanding so I do not judge by what I see with my eyes or hear with my ears, but by what Your Holy Spirit reveals to me. (Isaiah 11:2-3). I claim the blood of Jesus over me and (person's name), for our protection. I proclaim that Jesus Christ is Lord here and this is holy ground. I take authority in this place, in the name of Jesus and the power of His blood and Word, and command all evil spirits, in this building, in the air, the waterway, fire (if there is a fireplace), or in the electric, to leave this property now and never return. I claim this room sealed in the name and authority of Jesus. I bind and forbid any evil spirit on the outside from having any knowledge or influence in this room. I forbid all evil spirits from interfering in any way in this time of prayer and ministry. Now, I ask You, Father, to surround this place with Your warrior angels, linked together all around this building so no evil will come near this dwelling. Please fill this place with ministering angels. We would like You Father, to send special warrior angels in times of deliverance to take the demons and familiar spirits to their destiny. Please put an angel on the roof with a flaming sword, proclaiming that, "The battle is the Lords', but the victory is ours!" Amen.

I usually thank Jesus for His presence and ask Him to be Lord over this ministry and all that is done here...then ask the Holy Spirit to help us and anoint this time of ministry so we can do the work that Jesus wants us to do....

Every so often it is helpful to anoint a building from time to time. Anoint all the doors and windows going to the outside. Afterward, command all evil spirits out of the building in Jesus' name. Then ask the Father to send in ministering angels and warrior angels around the outside of the building.

Prayer No. 1

Dear Heavenly Father, Your word tells me that You desire truth in my inner being. You will cause me to know wisdom and have understanding. Your word, also tells me that the heart of a person is deceitful and I may not always understand or know what is going on in my heart, my innermost being. I now make a decision to have You reveal to me the hidden motives and secrets of my heart. Jesus said, "Satan is the father of lies and a deceiver who is always trying to deceive me into believing lies." At times, I have believed Satan's lies and deceived myself by avoiding the truth and being in denial. In the past, I was hurt, rejected, betrayed, made powerless or abused. At times, I may have made a choice to live in a fantasy world to escape pain or loneliness. This fantasy world was a deception, that I believed to escape painful reality. Other times, I chose to forget, to suppress, to split or mentally separate myself from the painful memories or events. These past hurts were more than I could bear. So I buried or forgot them with all of the anger, unforgiveness and vows made against myself and others. I understand that this is part of my life story and by denying their reality, I deny a part of myself. These vows and unforgiveness are giving the enemy an entrance way into my life and body and a spiritual, legal right to harass, afflict, control or drive me in compulsive, ungodly ways.

I now reject this false life and choose to live in truth and in the light. I choose NOT to live in a myth or lie concerning my past. With God's help, I will work on these hurts, unforgiveness and vows, and come to know myself. I do not want these vows coming upon me or others. I now make a choice to turn from this hidden life and close all these doorways in Jesus' name. I take authority in Jesus' name and I rebuke and command all deceiving spirits to leave me now. I know that You, Father, are a discerner of the heart. I ask You to reveal to me and to Your servant who is ministering to me, the nature of these hidden hurts, pain, anger, vows, lies or sins in my life. I now choose to face the truth and NOT live in denial. I acknowledge that I cannot do this in my own strength. I look to You, Jesus, for Your help in my healing and deliverance. I ask You to search me, O God and know my heart, test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me and lead me in thy way everlasting. Amen.

Prayer No.2

Dear Heavenly Father, I acknowledge there is only one true and living God who exists as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I recognize Christ Jesus as the Son of the Living God, the word that became flesh and dwelt among us. Jesus, you are worthy to receive glory, honor and power for You have created all things and in You, all things have their being. Father God, You have proved Your love for me because when I was lost in sin and rebellion, Your Son, Jesus Christ, died for me. I was saved by Your grace. This was a gift from You and not the results of any works on my part. When I accepted You, Jesus, as my Savior, You forgave all my sins. All charges that were against me were nailed to the cross and canceled; therefore, the devil has nothing with which to accuse me. You redeemed me from the kingdom of darkness, translating me to Your kingdom. Now I am made right with God. Without You, Lord Jesus, I can do nothing. I am dependent on You. When I was saved, my spirit came to life and is now under the control of the Holy Spirit. Father, I want to conform to the image of Your Son.

Jesus, You came to set the captives free, those bound by sin, psychic or occult powers. I declare that it is God's truths that will set me free. Jesus, You have all authority in heaven and on earth. You have conquered and disarmed all evil principalities and powers. You made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross. Now I am seated with You in heavenly places. In You, Jesus, I have authority over Satan and all his demons and they are subject to me. I stand strong in You, Lord Jesus, and resist Satan and all his evil schemes. Jesus, I am covered and protected by Your precious blood. I will use my spiritual weapons, which are mighty in God, to tear down all strongholds of the enemy in my life. I bind and rebuke all evil spirits and powers of darkness that would seek to interfere with this time of ministry. I bind specifically the spirits of doubt, deception, unbelief, confusion, mind control and fear. I loose myself from your control. I renounce all counterfeit gifts and works of Satan in my life. I take my position in Christ and command you, Satan, and all your demons to leave me now in Jesus' name. I declare that You, Jesus, are my Lord and my God. I look only to You, Jesus, as my deliverer and healer. You know all my special needs and concerns. I claim Your word which says, "All who call upon the name of the Lord shall be set free." I call on You now, Lord Jesus Christ, to set me free.

Father, I accept Your word as my standard for righteousness and daily living. I will study Your word and renew my mind by that living word. Father, You say, "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." I now take control of my thought life and stand against Satan's deceptions and lies. I take every thought captive in obedience to Christ. I choose to walk in the light and truth because the truth will set me free. I choose to give up trying to run my own life. I put no confidence in my flesh. Father, I trust myself to Your care, as much as I can at this time. Please help me Father, to trust You more and come to truly know You. Dear Holy Spirit, I ask You to help me in this time of prayer and ministry. Please reveal to me every area of my life that has been given over to the enemy. I choose to humble myself and share whatever God reveals to me. I choose to crucify my flesh and walk by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I will not give into the desires of my flesh. I will present my body as an instrument of righteousness, a living and holy sacrifice, which is my spiritual duty. Holy Spirit, I ask You to guide me to all truth and empower me to live above sin, in Jesus' name. Amen.


Explain to the counselee before praying for forgiveness:

As children of God, we are to forgive like Christ forgave us. Our example is that Jesus forgave those who were crucifying Him as He hung on the cross. At times, the results of other people's sins come upon us.
Examples are sexual and ritual abuse, rape, and incest, parents killed by a drunk driver, war, or natural disaster.

These events wound us to our very core. This often happens as a small child. At that time in our lives, we do not have the ability to understand what is happening to us. That makes it very difficult to cope with the stress or trauma. Through unforgiveness, we become bound to the offender(s) and the painful memory will not heal. Unless we forgive and release the offender(s), we will continue to recall the hurt, rejection and betrayal. We will continue to feel pain, be angry and often depressed. Some people harbor unforgiveness for years after the person who hurt them has died. The perpetrator may be dead 30 or more years and the survivor is still tormented today by what this person did. It is like a chain linking them to the offender.

These people are often tormented by demonic forces. God's word in Matthew 18:34-35 (KJV) tells us that we will be delivered over to the tormentors if we don't forgive. Pain and hurtful memories will start to heal after forgiveness. Sometimes, the hurtful memory will be completely erased. We must let go of any unforgiveness to have peace and healing.

Forgiveness is not an emotion or feeling but an act of our will. It is making a heart decision to let go of our right to make the offender pay. It is trusting God to deal with them in His way. Forgiveness and forgetting are not same. Forgiveness is a real event.

Forgiveness and restitution are not the same thing The only way to be free is to forgive and release the person(s) who caused pain or harm. After we forgive and release them, we are in a place to receive healing.
Christians understand that unforgiveness will hinder healing and open them to the tormentors. The pain often decreases as we let go. “ Sometimes, there is grieving to be done for the losses we have suffered. Grieving is necessary and should be done. Healing is a process and it takes time. Be sure to teach on grieving and allow the people enough time to grieve their loss.
There is a law of sowing and reaping. Matt. 7:1 This is a block to receiving healing and forgiveness. “If we confess our sins, He will forgive ALL our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteous....” Often we don’t recognize we have anger or unforgiveness. Some have been forgotten or suppressed or even dissociated away. Sometimes we keep the anger (unforgiveness) because we have power or it is useful.

Sometimes physical problems are results of unforgiveness; arthritis, heart trouble, poor sleep and nervous conditions. They have to choose life. Sometimes we have to forgive 50 times a day to get it from our head to our heart. It is a process of renewing the mind and thinking in a new way. The Devil will stop tormenting you about the person you have forgiven if you continuously forgive them when they come to mind. You have to forgive first, and then you can receive. But if your enemy is hungry, feed him, and if he is thirsty, give him a drink, for in so doing you will heap burning coals upon his head. Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good. (Romans 12: 20-21)

Praying the forgiveness prayer:

Have the counselee pray the forgiveness prayer. Afterwards, tell them to get quiet. Have them close their eyes and tell you the names that come to their mind. Remind them that they asked the Holy Spirit to bring the names to mind. They do not have to try to think up names or try to force names to come, but get quiet and allow the Holy Spirit to bring the names to them. It is alright if they don't know why they have to forgive a person. You only need the first name of the offender and not what the person did. Later when they begin to forgive a person, the Holy Spirit will bring to their memory what that person has done. Then, if they cannot recall what that person did, then have them forgive the person anyway and let them go. It is better to forgive and be free from the tormentors than to hold on to that unforgiveness. This is still their choice. They may tell you, "I have already forgiven that person." Remind them that the Holy Spirit is to bring to their mind anyone they have to forgive. Tell them, "Let's believe that you received this name from the Holy Spirit and we will discuss the other issues later. For now, just listen for more names." At this point, you will get some idea if this person is rebellious or in a humble state. If you allow them to start recalling a painful event at this point, they could get stuck on one event. Many names that would have come to their mind will be missed.

If there is a very traumatic memory that has to be worked through, then it may be better to work through that memory first. As the memory is worked through, there will come a place where the person can pray for forgiveness of the perpetrator. As you listen to the Holy Spirit, you will know when to do that. As the names come forth, write the names down. Encourage them to continue to listen to the Holy Spirit for more names. Sometimes, the person may only get a face in their mind, but that face will be connected to a hurtful event. God knows whom the face belongs to. Then just write down a note about the face. When it is time to forgive, they can say, "The person whose face I see, I forgive you in Jesus' name." Explain that often we forgive people, but later we remember what the person did and start to feel the pain again.

If we dwell on what that person did, we can get back in unforgiveness. Sometimes we have to forgive a person 50 times a day until the forgiveness moves from our head down into our heart. Forgiveness is a heart attitude.
When they are not getting any more names, then add their name and God to the end of your list of people they have to forgive. The Bible tells us to love our neighbors as ourselves. We must forgive ourselves for how we have acted in the past and the vows we put on ourselves or others. As for forgiving God, God has not done anything wrong. However, sometimes God does not perform the way we think He ought to or as quickly as we would like. At times, God doesn't give us what we want.

This causes people to get angry with God and have unforgiveness in their hearts towards God. This unforgiveness and anger at God puts a wall between the person and God. Now that person is separated from the very One that can help and heal them. God wants to fellowship with us. God has laws and God has given everyone a free will. God can't break the laws because people want Him to change events.

In times of violence and abuse, God cannot change the perpetrator's mind without taking away his/her free will. God does not want this to happen but if God steps in and stops the abuser, then it would take away the abuser's free will. If God did that, we would not have a free will. We would just be mechanical robots. God expects us to follow His laws and love one another. God gave parents the responsibility to care for and protect a child. People can be selfish and disobedient and bring hurt and trauma on others, often innocent children. God will deal with that perpetrator in His way and He can do it much better then we. We have to let that person go and turn this quest for revenge and demanding payment over to God. The counselee has to forgive God for not doing what he or she wanted Him to do, for not helping him or her at the exact time or in the way he or she thought God should.

This is very important because it helps them restore fellowship with God. God is the one that is going to heal them. We cannot fellowship with someone with when we have unforgiveness and anger towards them. As the person listens for names, be patient and wait a sufficient time as the Holy Spirit searches their hearts. When no more names come to his/her mind, explain the next step. Tell him or her that you are going to give them a name, then you want them to forgive that person for everything. An example is: "John, I forgive you for (..........)."

Have counselee continue doing this until they have forgiven that person for everything that the Holy Spirit brings to his/her mind. When they run out of things to forgive the person for, instruct them to say, "I forgive (the offenders name) for everything in Jesus' name." This will let you know to go to the next person on the list of people they have to forgive.

Tell them that you want them to speak the forgiveness aloud. Scripture says that confession is made with the mouth. If they can't say the forgiveness aloud, then they may have an unwilling spirit, great shame or an evil spirit hindering them. Pray for discernment and ask them why they can't say this out loud. Work with them until they can confess it with their mouth. Scripture says that we are to confess our sins. God is faithful and just and will forgive us all our sins. Confessing these sins to you will reduce his/her shame. As long as shame exist, Satan can torment them.

As a Christian worker, you are responsible for holding all these things you hear, in confidence. You are operating in the office of a priest and what you hear is to remain confidential between you and God. Unless you have specific permission from the person to seek counsel from an elder concerning what has been shared, it should not be shared with anyone! There are certain state laws that require that a counselor inform a person when the counselee says that he or she is going to do them violent bodily harm.

Learning of the sexual abuse of a minor requires the counselor to report that information to the authorities. The person can be told about this ahead of time. The counselor or minister can make them aware of these requirements during counseling. Trust is very important because so many have been betrayed by family, counselors and clergy. Trust is also important for healing. If the person can't talk about hurtful issues to you, you may have to spend more time building a trusting relationship before you deal with forgiveness, etc. Do not be in a rush to get them through these prayers. Take time to pray and let the Holy Spirit lead you to what, when and where you minister. Sometimes people come for a quick fix and don't want to deal with anything inside or certain painful issues. They just want the pain to go away. You can tell them that the truth will set you free, but the process could be painful, too. Proper surgery can be painful but we bear the pain because we know that healing will result.

There are no quick fixes or Band-Aids to be used in this ministry. We need to explain to them that if they want to be free from pain and torment, it may be painful for a while. If they persevere, they will get results. If they continue to resist and debate with you, they may not be ready to work on their healing at this time. That is their choice. At this point, you may decide to stop ministry until they are in a receptive and cooperative mood. Your time is important to you and Christ, so don't waste it. You are the steward of your time. You are responsible for using your time wisely!

After the person has truly repented and forgiven everyone, they are ready for a special prayer of absolution. We, as born again believers, have the commission from Jesus to pronounce absolution for their acts when they repent. Jesus gave this commission to us in John 20:21- 23. This is for all believers and not just ordained clergy. (Mark 16:17-18). They can experience absolution as a healing process! You can say, "I pronounce your sins forgiven, in Jesus' name."

Prayer No.3

Dear heavenly Father, I thank You for Your love and kindness toward me. It is Your kindness that has led me to repentance, turning from all my sinful ways and turning to You. I admit that I have not been kind, patient and loving to others when they have offended me. I have allowed bitterness and resentment to grow in me, separating me from others and You, Father. At times, I have forgotten this unforgiveness in my heart. This unforgiveness festers deep within me, at times beyond my conscious reach. This affects every aspect of my life and gives the enemy a right to torment me as stated in Matthew 18. I confess that this unforgiveness and bitterness is affecting my life and relationships today. Because of these past hurts, I acknowledge the inability to love or trust others to any depth. I understand that forgiveness is not an emotion but an act of my will. I now choose to exercise my will to forgive others as You, Father, have forgiven me. Father, I know that You are a searcher of the heart. I ask You to search my heart. Reveal to me any hidden and secret unforgiveness or bitterness toward others that have hurt or offended me. I choose not to be ruled by a spirit of bitterness. I choose to forgive and have a spirit of peace and love in my heart. I repent, forgive and release these people right now. I ask You, Heavenly Father, to forgive me and restore me as I forgive those who have offended me. Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would bring everything to our remembrance. Dear Holy Spirit, I am asking You to bring to my remembrance anyone I have to forgive and I will forgive them in Jesus' name. Amen.


At this point, I tell them to relax. Have them close their eyes and allow the Holy Spirit to bring the name to their mind. Have them give you the names as they come to mind. Explain the issues discussed in the counselor's notes before the forgiveness prayer.


Explain to counselee:

We can't have true peace and joy without God. God wants to operate in our lives and through us to reach the lost world. God will help us and will protect us. Often, we will become self-reliant and do things our way. The Scriptures says, ". . .all like sheep have gone astray, each one to his own way. . ." In this condition, we will not experience righteousness, peace and joy.

Also, this sets us up for spiritual attacks by the powers of darkness. See Ephesians 6:10-18. It is a good thing to be right with God when the attack comes. The attack may come through a person but it is a spiritual attack.  Our battle is not with flesh and blood (people) and our weapons are not the ones used by the world, but spiritual. See 2 Corinthians 10:3-5. We need to know how to do effective spiritual warfare. We must declare our dependence upon God, humbling ourselves and coming before His presence in humility. God says He hates a proud spirit (Proverbs 6:17 KJV) and a high look is sin (Proverbs 21:4 KJV). He said He will destroy their house (Proverbs 15:25).

Prayer No. 4

Dear Heavenly Father, Your word says that a proud and arrogant attitude goes before stumbling. I know that You hate a proud or arrogant spirit. I want to please You, Father. I do not want to stumble or bring trouble on myself and others. I know at times, in action and attitude, I have had a proud spirit. Because of my woundedness, I believed I knew what was best for me. In the past, I tried to run my life by my own power and resources. I have looked to my own intellect, ability and strength to be successful. Jesus, I have not denied myself, picked up my cross daily and followed You. Your word tells me that it is not by might, nor by power, but by Your Spirit that the victory comes. I have opened the door and given Satan a place in my life because of this spirit of pride. I now repent of this pride. I also renounce this effort to be self-sufficient and not trusting or coming to You, Heavenly Father. I now come to You, humbling myself, and put my trust in Your mercy and love. It is Your kindness that has led me to repentance. I now CANCEL all ground or openings to Satan in my life. I PROCLAIM that I am covered with the blood of Jesus. I PROCLAIM that you, Satan, have no part in me or power over me. I am a child of God and the Holy Spirit is living within me. I hereby affirm my dependence on You, Father and the work of Your Holy Spirit. I ask You, dear Holy Spirit, for Your guidance, wisdom and power to help me overcome the flesh, renew my mind and live above sin. I will take up my cross daily, denying myself, and live a life under the control of the Spirit of God. Amen.


Note to counselor:

After praying this prayer, have the person repent and ask forgiveness for rebelling against: the civil authorities, pastor, husband, employer, etc. Example: "Father, I repent and ask to be forgiven for speeding." Explain to them that being in rebellion is the same as playing with witchcraft or the occult. It opens them up to attack by powers of darkness.

After praying Prayer No. 5, you can help the person deal with any specific issue and repenting. You can pronounce absolution here, too.

Prayer No.5


Dear Heavenly Father, Your word tells me in 1 Samuel 15:23, that rebellion is like the sin of witchcraft or divination, and that stubbornness is like the sin of idolatry. You, Father, call rebellion and stubbornness detestable attitudes. I confess that my actions are a reflection of the attitude of my heart. You say in Proverbs 23:7, "As a man thinketh in his heart,so is he." At times, I have sinned against You, Heavenly Father. I sinned by going my own way and doing what I wanted to do. These actions have opened the door for the enemy to have an entrance into my life, to harass and attack me. I now confess this rebellious spirit and humbly repent. I want peace and joy in my heart. Father, I choose to have a humble and obedient spirit. I reject Satan and all his works in my life and body. I ask You, dear Holy Spirit, to reveal to me any areas Satan has gained access to or any hidden rebellion in my heart. I will share this with your servant as You make me aware of it. I do not want to give Satan any legal right to harass or torment me. I understand that submission is agreeing and working together with someone to get a job done. I here and now choose to have a humble spirit and work with Your servant. In this time of ministry, I will accomplish the work You have called me to do. I choose to walk in the light and I reject all rebellion. I CANCEL all rights the enemy claims concerning me. I claim the cleansing power of the Blood of Jesus over every area of my life and mind, in Jesus' name. Amen.


Notes to counselors on moral issues:

We need to confess and acknowledge the sins of moral rebellion before God and ask to be forgiven. Moral issues are often one of the easiest ways Satan gains entrance to our lives and body. These moral sins give Satan a right to attack and harass us. People often feel shame from breaking moral laws. Because of this shame, they keep it a secret. Satan uses this secret shame against the person in a powerful way. This shame causes them to separate from others and God.

It is our responsibility as a priest to our God and King, to have mercy and help restore them, not reject them. God wants them restored and free from Satan's control. It is by the grace of God, that we didn't go through that temptation or succumb to it. Explain that it is best to confess these moral issues to a trusted, spiritually mature person, not just anyone in the Church. One needs to deal with these issues, put them away and go on serving Jesus. After a person has repented and confessed his/her sins, then the counselor can pronounce absolution for him or her.

It is also our responsibility as priests and ministers of God to keep the information shared to ourselves. We are not to uncover our brother and sister's nakedness to others. God will deal with us for that. They do not have to go into detail about what they have done. They know what they have done and so does God. When they repent and confess it, calling it what it is, God will forgive and restore them. Absolution can be pronounced, after repentance of their sin.

Prayer No. 6

Dear Heavenly Father, Your word tells me in Galatians 5:17, that my flesh lusts or wars against my spirit. I am not to gratify the lusts of my flesh. I put on the Lord Jesus Christ. I will walk by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Father, You know at times, I struggle with the temptation to gratify the desires of my flesh. I understand that lust is saying, "I must have this at once." Much of this battle is in my mind and thought life. Because of my loneliness and inner pain at times, I may have entertained lustful fantasies in my mind and thoughts. This only increased the desire to gratify my flesh. At times, this battle has been more than I could stand and I have given in to the lust of my flesh. I ask You, Father, reveal to me any ways in which I have broken your moral laws.

Father, I am truly sorry. I repent and ask You to forgive me. I acknowledge that all my sins are forgiven in Christ. I repent and cancel all access to my life by evil spirits. I claim the blood of Jesus over me as my protection. I command all evil spirits that have entered my body or mind, to leave me now in Jesus' name. I now make a new commitment to guard my eyes and take every thought captive in obedience to Christ. I will walk by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I will work to take control of my body and renew my mind, not giving into fleshly lusts. I will depend on the Holy Spirit to help me accomplish this, in Jesus' name. Amen.

Counselor's note on moral issues:

You need to ask them if there is any moral issue that came to their minds for which they need to repent. Absolution can be pronounced after repentance of their sins.


Counselor's note:
Take every person through this prayer, regardless. Everyone may not be ready to go through this prayer in the first few visits. With ritual abuse survivors, it would be wise to first build a relationship with the person. Ritual survivors usually have been betrayed by every person they ever trusted and you are no different from the rest. It will take time for them to trust you, little by little. They are also feeling a tremendous amount of shame and guilt for what they have done so go very slow and let them lead. Follow the Holy Spirit's guidance. With ritual abuse survivors, you need to get the support of as many internal alters as possible before taking the host or any part through this prayer. You can explain to the internal system why it is necessary to go through this prayer, if you have a relationship with the system. If not, have the host go inside an explain this to the internal system. The host can ask the helper parts to protect the little ones or take them to a safe place. Then they can take steps to ensure the safety of the internal system and the child alters.

You may have to bind any spirits that can cause flashbacks of the rituals. One indication of a problem is when they start to pray, flashbacks start. It should be noted that a flashback can be caused by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and can occur in abuse, trauma and war survivors. This can also be from an alter that is afraid or from an evil spirit. Take time to investigate what is happening. Read the book listed on MPD.

It is important to know what is causing the problem so you can stop it. You want to stop it but not do any damage in the process. You will need to pray for discernment.

You may have to do some spiritual warfare and pray the "Rule of the Victor" prayer before proceeding.  Details about the" Rule of the Victor" prayers are found in notes to Prayer No. 9.

Note, spiritual warfare or binding spirits does not always have to be done out loud. It is effective if done very low or even spoken internally. If the person does not have a problem with binding spirits and spiritual warfare, then by all means do it aloud and have them agree. Most ritual survivors are multiples, (people who have Multiple Personality Disorder). The term Multiple Personality Disorder has been changed to Dissociative Identity Disorder and may be a better term to use with the counselee.

Those with Multiple Personality Disorder or ritual abuse survivors, require special care. Caution is always the way to go in all these cases. An alter personality is a split in the mind and NOT a DEMON. If you don't know the difference between an alter an a demon, then check with someone who has experience with multiplicity and dissociation. If you continue trying to cast an alter out of a multiple, much damage can result and healing is hindered for some time. Their trust will also be damaged. The message to them is that the Church doesn't understand or care. Also, if you know the person is a ritual abuse survivor and you are not sure exactly what to do, then consult with someone experienced in that area. Most non-ritualized survivors of sexual abuse usually do not have a problem with this prayer. Satanic dedications can happen to anyone with or without their knowledge, often as a baby or young child. Most people do not know what took place in their lives as very young children. Someone in the family or relatives may have said evil or occult prayers over him/her when they were babies.

Often, cults are part of the family heritage and have gone on for generations. The family does not see any problem with "passing on the heritage." However, this sets the child up for demonic attack and entanglement later in life. Someone may have made a financial agreement in exchange for some of the baby's blood or dedicated the baby to a false god or Satan. There may have been a dedication before the child was born. Some are cultural rituals as with the American Indians, Pennsylvania Dutch "pow-wow" healers, Spanish Santeria cults, etc. They pray or make dedications to demonic spirit powers.

There are many initiation rites and ceremonies in secret societies that bring curses on people. It is believed that initiation into Mormonism has pacts and vows that can hold a person in bondage and open them to demonic attacks. These need to be renounced and repentance made. Some believe they are actually making a dedication to the Lord God, Yahweh, but they are deceived.

Some parents will take their children to psychic or occult healers when doctors fail them. These methods of healing are satanic and call upon demonic powers for the healing. Satan never gives anything away. He will take off physical sickness and give them mental torment. This often does not show up until some time later.

Children make a blood packs or cut themselves in play, becoming "blood brothers or sisters," copying what they have seen on TV. These activities can have a lasting damaging effect on the participants and their descendants. You can tell the counselee that it is best to be safe and pray this prayer, just in case someone has prayed over them without their knowledge. They don't want to leave any unknown doorways open through which Satan can attack. Explain that only one part of this prayer may apply to them, but we don't know which is the part for them, so have them pray the entire prayer.

Blood pacts, vows and oaths must be renounced and broken. These activities place curses on the participants and open them to torment by evil spirits. Many times, this is done "just for fun" or "it really didn't mean anything." Satan takes a different view of coming to his kingdom for help and will use it as an opportunity to gain evil control over a person. The Lord GOD, Yahweh, also takes a different view of taking part in these activities, see Exodus 20:3-4 and Deuteronomy 18:9-13.

Counselors can have the person pray, renounce and cancel the effects of these curses and dedications. This process is crucial for freedom. After the person has prayed, have them command all spirits that came in with the curses, pacts or dedications to leave in Jesus' name. Afterwards, the person can submit all those areas of themselves to God for cleansing by the Blood of Jesus. Pray for the Holy Spirit to fill all places where the spirits were.

Prayer No. 7


I RENOUNCE ever signing my name over to Satan or having my name signed over to Satan. I ANNOUNCE that my name is written in the Lamb's Book of Life. I RENOUNCE any ceremony where I may have been wed to Satan, and I ANNOUNCE that I am the Bride of Christ. I RENOUNCE all satanic assignments, covenants, pacts and dedications that I made with Satan, or that were made for me. I ANNOUNCE that I am a partaker of the new covenant with Christ. I now REPENT for ever cutting myself or giving my blood for any assignments, ceremonies or covenants with Satan. (Stop here and renounce any specific pacts remembered, like childhood cutting and mixing of blood with your best friend to be brothers or sisters.) I RENOUNCE any taking of or use of my blood for satanic rituals before I was old enough to be aware of it. I CONFESS and RENOUNCE all blood pacts or covenants. I REJECT AND RENOUNCE all curses and assignments made for me or by me for the service of Satan. I trust only in the shed Blood of my Lord, Jesus Christ and what He accomplished on the cross. I look to the Holy Spirit for guidance. I RENOUNCE ever eating of flesh, or drinking of blood, for satanic worship. I eat only the flesh and drink only the blood of my Lord, Jesus Christ, in Holy Communion, which I understand by faith and was commanded by Jesus to do in remembrance of Him and His sacrifice for me. (Luke 22:17-19). I RENOUNCE all guardians and surrogate parents assigned to me by Satanists. I RENOUNCE all baptisms, rituals or teachings by Satanists. I ANNOUNCE that I have been baptized into Christ Jesus and my identity is now in Christ. I RENOUNCE and REJECT all the demons and familiar spirits placed in me or attached to any part of me, by Satanists. I REJECT all spirit guides assigned to me. I REJECT and COMMAND all these evil spirits to leave now in Jesus' name. Father, I ask You in Jesus' name, to send Your holy angels to take these spirits from me and take them to their destiny, which You have ordained. I ANNOUNCE that God is my Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit is my guardian. By this, I am sealed until the day of my redemption. I accept only God's assignment for me.1 Amen.

1 Part of this prayer is taken from: Neil T. Anderson's video tape entitled "A Counseling Procedure for Leading People Through Steps to Freedom in Christ," and "Steps to Freedom in Christ," Freedom In Christ Ministries, 491 East Lambert Road, La Habra, CA, 90631, 1990. Used by permission.

Prayer No. 8

Dear Heavenly Father, I come before You and RENOUNCE all sinful, occult practices and idolatry of seeking information, knowledge, healing, comfort, identity or power from any occult, psychic or secret source. I RENOUNCE ever reading books about the black arts, parapsychology, magic, satanic rituals, including the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses, the Satanic Bible, books on false religions, and other satanic books and writings. I RENOUNCE all sins of divination, including: palm reading, fortune telling, tarot card reading, tea leaf reading, the crystal ball or crystal gazing, candle gazing, Ouija Board, ESP, telepathy, horoscopes, automatic hand writing or spirit writing, astrology, water divining, the rod and pendulum. I RENOUNCE trance channeling, consulting familiar spirits, clairvoyance, communication with the dead, séances, consulting counselors from the spirit realm, consulting wizards, ascended masters, spirit guides, wise masters, fortune tellers, witches, shamans, mediums or spiritists. I RENOUNCE all demonic, occult or psychic healing practices, including pow-wow healing, charming to heal, pendulum healing, magic healing, psychic healing, magnetism or Mesmerism. I RENOUNCE all use of occult power, casting spells or witchcraft, voodoo, black and white magic, Santeria and other forms of local witchcraft. I RENOUNCE magical or occult hypnosis, metaphysics or mind science, yoga, transcendental meditation, sorcery, astral projection and soul travel, table lifting or levitation, using pyramid power, mind control, amulets and charms, power crystals and religious medals. I renounce heavy metal music, satanic rock and black rock, and all demonic role play games, such as Dungeons and Dragons. I RENOUNCE all secret oaths to pagan gods as part of initiation ceremony into organization, fraternities, sororities and other organization which practice these ceremonies. I RENOUNCE being involved in or in contact with secret lodges or societies such as Free Masonry and their organizations, the Eastern Star, Rosicrucians, Edgar Cayce's teachings and readings, Erhard Seminars Training (EST), Scientology, Eastern mysticism, Spiritism, Christian Science, Jehovah's Witness, Mormonism, Unitarians, The Way, Unification Church, the New Age and its practices or any religion or organization of an occult nature. I RENOUNCE and REPENT of ever taking part in any of these practices or organizations. I ask You Father, to forgive and restore me, in Jesus' name. Amen.

At this point, stop and the counselor will ask you to repent for occult involvement: Stop here and have the person name and renounce each occult sin or contact. You can anoint them and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to them any occult contact. Have them say, "I renounce (name the occult sin), I repent and ask to be forgiven, in Jesus' name." Do this for each occult contact. Stay here until they have renounced all the occult sins that they can remember. When they have repented of all the occult contacts, have them pray the following prayer.


Dear Heavenly Father, I have CONFESSED all these occult sins of seeking from Satan, the help that should come only from You. I repent of all these sins of occultism, idolatry and any oath I may have made to any false gods and ask to be forgiven. I REPENT for seeking aid, knowledge, power or comfort from the kingdom of darkness. I repent and renounce those occult sins and idolatry that I cannot remember. I renounce Satan and all his works, I hate all his demons and I consider them all to be my enemies. I now inform all demonic spirits that you do not have any legal right to me and you are trespassing. I command all connected or related spirits and all power demons that came in me or at me by taking part in these occult practices to leave me now, and never return, in Jesus' name. I close all doors or openings in my life to all occult and psychic practices and spirits of darkness. I ask You, Heavenly Father, to seal them with the precious shed Blood of Jesus Christ, never to be opened again, in Jesus' name. Amen.

The counselor can have the person renounce any spirits that came in or on to them because of participating in any occult practice, Then the counselor can command those spirits to leave and never return in Jesus’ name.


Astral projection: Instructions for those involved in astral projection or divination

ASTRAL PROJECTION or soul travel is an occult practice, an out of body experience produced through meditation or witchcraft. It is an occult practice and powered by evil spirits. Once a person takes this soulish control over his/her spirit, they can enter the spirit realm any time and talk to demons. We are to be under the guidance and control of the Holy Spirit. These people need to repent and be in godly meditation on Scriptures.


Those who have been involved in astral projection should be instructed that astral projection is accomplished by demonic powers. These people have yielded their bodies to Satan's use. This ability is not from God no matter how pleasant the experience. On the back of their heads at the point where the top of the spine and the base of the skull meet is the place where the astral projected body or soul body leaves the physical body. Bind all spirits that came in to help this person or give them power to accomplish soul travel. Command these spirits to leave in Jesus' name. You need to get their permission to anoint them on the back of the head and close this opening. Explain to them that when you anoint this spot, they will no longer have the ability to astral project. When they are ready, anoint the back of their head, then COMMAND that opening sealed, never to be opened again, in Jesus' name.

PLEASE NOTE!!!: Astral projection is a conscious use of soul power empowered by forces of darkness. Out of body experiences due to trauma, accidents or near death experiences are not occult practices. Out of body experiences caused by trauma, are usually not under the person's control. Leaving the body in trauma is called dissociation. This is caused by severe stress or trauma. Dissociation occurs when a child or person is being hurt and the pain is too great to bear. They believe they are going to die. This is a stress coping mechanism. Most abuse survivors are unaware of how they leave their body. Refer to Dr. Friesen's book on Multiple Personality Disorder for an excellent explanation of dissociation and Multiple Personality Disorder. See introductory notes for title.

There is a chart in Dr. Friesen's book giving the criteria for determining if a person has Multiple Personality Disorder. This book also contains ways to distinguish between MPD alter personalities and demons. Dissociation or splitting of the mind is a survival ability built into humans, a coping mechanism. It can be dysfunctional if it is used to cope with every stress that comes along rather than facing it. This opens the door for demonic attachment. There is always a chance for an evil spirit to slip in while a person is unconscious and out of control of his/her mind or body, because of an accident. This has nothing to do with the person sinning. There was simply no control or protection over their minds. Demonic attacks of the mind can also happen when mind altering drugs are used and the person loses control over his/her mind. We are instructed in Scripture to guard our minds. If a person tells of trouble or torment starting soon after being unconscious from an accident, then a spirit may have taken up residence there. Have them renounce the spirit that came in from the accident and command it to leave, in Jesus' name.

You can instruct people who are going to be put to sleep for medical reasons to protect their minds from demonic attack by pleading the Blood of Jesus over the minds. It is always a wise practice to have Christians praying for them during such procedures.

Evil spirits often gain entrance during times of sexual, ritual abuse and torture. Some rituals are done specifically to place demons in the person. When evil spirits are found, they should be bound and cast out. The person did not invite them in and it usually was not the result of a sinful action. A curse usually binds the demon in a person who is a ritual abuse survivor. The person may or may not know anything about the curse. This is done so the person cannot get free. It is only with the power and revelation of the Holy Spirit that these curses are found. Anoint them and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to them, information concerning the curse or demons that entered or were placed in them. The curse binds the demon to the person. This gives the demon a legal spiritual right to stay and torment. Curses that are found have to be broken before the demons will leave. Simply have the person renounce the curses in Jesus' name and command it to be broken. Then, command any spirits that came in while this person was unconscious, tortured or abused, to be bound and leave, in Jesus' name. You can also command the demon not to tear the person as it leaves. Sometimes, there are familiar spirits that have come down family lines or have been with the person for a long time and are very familiar with them. You can also command these familiar spirits to leave. I have found it very useful at times to ask the Father, in Jesus' name, to send an angel to come to take this familiar spirit to its destiny.

Counselor's notes on divination
Those who have been involved in divination, fortune telling, or have the ability to see into the spirit realm any time they choose, probably have a spirit of divination. They have opened the occult "third eye." The "third eye" is a supernatural eye that is on the forehead between the natural eyes. This is how fortune tellers, astrologers, witches and mediums get supernatural knowledge and can see into the future. The occult "third eye," used to look into the supernatural realm operates by demonic powers. If there is something God wants to show a person, then He will reveal it to them. In this case, it will be at His direction and under His control for a specific time or task. The ability to see into the supernatural realm has to be under God's control and direction because Satan will seduce mortals into the sinful use of this power. God does not want us to have anything to do with occult or psychic power. See Deuteronomy 18:10-13. Explain to the person that the source of this power is from the devil and not God. As you can see from Deuteronomy, God is not pleased with those who practice this. See also Exodus 20:3-4.

People who can see into the supernatural realm may be resistant to giving up this ability. They must give up this ability if they want to be free and have peace with God. The person has to renounce this practice and repent. It is always their choice. If they resist or argue about giving up this practice, they are not ready for ministry so stop until they can give it up. This is a rebellious spirit, not a humble spirit of someone who is truly sorry for dabbling in the occult. Explain to them the results of their making this decision, with gentleness and love; always being ready to help them when they are ready. Sometimes, teaching is necessary. Have them read God's Word and pray about this matter. God promised to deliver us from our enemies, not our friends.

If the person repents and wants God's cleansing and healing, then continue. Explain to the person that you are going to anoint them and pray for them. This will stop their ability to see into the supernatural realm or use these psychic powers. First, have them renounce this practice. Then have them renounce every demon or spirit entity that came in to give them this power. Have them confess that they will only seek God's revelations, direction and truth as revealed by the Holy Spirit and God's Word. Have them say, "I renounce all the spirits of divination and the power demons that came in me to give me this power and I command you to leave me now in Jesus' name." Then tell them to say in their mind, (not out loud), "All spirits of darkness and divination leave me now in Jesus' name." Tell them to say this over and in their mind, until they feel them leave or feel peace. While they are doing this, have them look directly at you. The counselor speaks directly to the spirits saying, "I command you, spirits of darkness and divination, to come out of (person's name) and leave and never return, in Jesus' name." Do not let them close their eyes. Have them keep their eyes open and look directly at you while you command the spirits to leave. Usually, if they want these spirits to go, you will only have to speak this one time. However, they should continue to command these spirits to leave in their minds until they have a release. Next, get them to agree with you to seal the "third eye" opening to the spirit realm. To seal or close the "third eye,' anoint them in the center of the forehead and command that "the third eye" permanently closed, in Jesus' name, never to be opened again.


Explain to counselee:

Curses are contracts or requests to evil powers for injury or evil to befall someone or something. They can be spoken words, incantations or prayers that invoke evil spirits to do their evil work. A curse is also a ban or censure over a person, place or thing. This curse, ban or censure can be the result of a sinful act or disobedience to God's law. Often curses are spoken by servants of Satan.

When breaking curses, be sure to consider the following:

  • Curses have to be broken for worshipping other gods, occult practices, oaths to/in secret societies, sex with animals and illegitimate sex, illegitimate births, murder, not tithing, hating the Jews, etc. Curses and vows placed on oneself and curses from servants of Satan have to be broken. Be sure to look into Scripture to understand what activities bring curses on people. There are many causes for curses listed in the Bible. See Deuteronomy, Chapters 7:25-26, Chapters 23, 27, 28, 30, Exodus 20:1-6, Malachi 3:8-9. These are a few references to curses in the Bible. An excellent book on curses has been written by Derek Prince. It can be purchased from any Christian book store.

  • Some curses come down a family line or blood line from generation to generation. A curse may be on a person or their children because a living or dead relative was involved in psychic or occult practices. This is true even if the person involved in the occult has been dead for two hundred or more years. Time does not affect curses. Curses can cause all kinds of problems such as broken marriages, poverty, attachments of familiar spirits, sickness, cancer, degenerative diseases, sexual perversion, addictions, compulsions, violence, rebellion, mental problems and torment. People involved in the occult get angry and place curses on others. They speak words against a person to get even and bring hurt on that person. The victim may or may not know a curse has come against them. When a curse is placed on someone or something, a demon enters or is attached to them. The curse seals the demon in that person or place.

  • The good news is a curse will not land on a born again child of God who is walking in righteousness. In fact, it will go back and come upon the one who sent it. This may bring the planned devastation upon the sender. Proverbs 26:2 refers to curses sent on innocent people, without a cause. Curses are powered by demons. It is the demons that carry out the evil action of the curse, incantation or spell. Jesus came to set the captives free and gave His Church power over all power of the enemy. The servants of God can break curses and set people free in Jesus' name.

    Prayer No. 9

Dear Heavenly Father, I come to You as Your child, born again, redeemed and washed in the blood of Jesus. I declare that You, Jesus, have redeemed me from the curse of the law having become a curse for me. I proclaim that I am a partaker of the inheritance of the saints of God. I give thanks unto You, Father, for delivering me from all the powers of darkness and translating me into the kingdom of your dear Son. As one who is covered with the blood of Jesus, I here and now reject and disown all the sins, pacts, dedications, curses and occult selections of my ancestors or any relatives, specifically (name of person(s) responsible for the curse, if known), which has been passed on to me intentionally or unintentionally. In Jesus' name, Father, I ask to be redeemed and cleansed from all evil curses, incantations, dedications, spells, pacts and familiar spirits passed on to me from my parents, grandparents, great grandparents, ancestors, relatives or any other person, specifically (name of person(s) responsible, if known). Father, I also ask to be redeemed and cleansed from all curses that have come upon me from what I have done or been involved in. I now appropriate in my life, Jesus' work on the cross to free me from all curses. I REPENT and declare that I am totally committed and completely signed over to my Lord, Jesus Christ. In the Name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, I now rebuke, break and loose myself and all my children or children to be, from all evil curses, charms, vexes, hexes, spells, incantations, jinxes, psychic powers, bewitchments, pacts, dedications or sorcery, that have been put on me or my family line or by any other person or persons, (person's name, if known), or from any occult, cultic, satanic or psychic source. I declare all these curses, dedications or pacts are null and void, in Jesus' name. I reject every way in which Satan may claim ownership of me. I reject every demon, evil spirit or familiar spirit sent to me by Satan or attached to any part of me, because of these curses, dedications, pacts or my activities, and I COMMAND all these connected and related spirits to leave me now and never return, in Jesus' name. I COMMAND you, Satan, to remove from me all satanic shields, seals, devises or mechanisms used to harass, manipulate or control me in any way or attach and hold a familiar or demonic spirit to any part of me. I COMMAND you, Satan to take them off now and I command all these attached spirits to leave me now and never return, in Jesus' name. Father, in Jesus' name, I ask you to send your holy angels to take all these evil and familiar spirits to their destiny.


Counselor now breaks curses, saying the following words over them:

"In the name and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, as His servant, I now break all curses, spells or incantations off you, (person's name), that have come down through your family or blood line, no matter how far back or for whatever source or reason. I break all curses, spells and incantations off you, (person's name), that have come upon you from other people praying against you, writing or speaking curses against you. I break all curses off you, (person's name), that have come upon you from what you have done or been involved in. I break the curse of: (naming the curses discovered during counsel), in Jesus' name. I break all curses off you, (person's name), in Jesus' name. Amen."

Then take authority and command all spirits involved with those curses to leave in Jesus' name. You can say, "I now take authority as a servant of God and in the Name of Jesus, I bind all spirits that came in you or on you to enforce these curses and any familiar spirits attached to you. I break their hold on you and command all these spirits to leave now in Jesus' name and never return. Father, in Jesus' name, I ask you to send your angels to take these evil and familiar spirits to their destiny. Amen."

The person being ministered to continues and prays the following prayer:

I now ask You, Heavenly Father to fill me with Your Holy Spirit and empower me to live above sin. I now submit my life and all to You. I determine to look to You, Heavenly Father, to provide all my needs. I will not yield my body or any part of my body to any sinful practice or unrighteousness. I declare that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, an instrument of righteousness, a living, holy sacrifice, to glorify You, Father. I ask You, Father to surround me with Your holy warrior angels, giving them charge over me to protect me in all my ways. Amen.

Lesson 8

Counselor's note:
Soul ties are ungodly bonds formed between the souls of people for the purpose of control, manipulation or domination. This bondage can be from sexual sins, adultery, controlling parents, spouses, pastors or friends. This can also be a psychic or telepathic link between the controller and other persons. Some Christian workers say that this is a telepathic link between the person and the controller, which give the controller continual information about the person. Through this link, a controller can know everything about a person without ever visiting them. This is operated by a spirit of witchcraft and is demonic. The bondage of control between people is easy to identify. These soul bonds or ties bind people's souls together. It will have an influence on the person until it is broken. This evil control can continue even after they become Christians. It must be brought to the cross.

These soul ties will continue to pull people back into sin or bring them under the control of other people. Often a child is tied to a parent by an invisible, ungodly soul bond. This child will never be free to live a life of their own. They always have to rely on mother or father to make decisions or direct their lives. This is like an invisible umbilical cord connecting the controller to the person. Because of this psychic or telepathic link, the controller knows when the soul bond is threatened and will actively work to strengthen it. This may go on for generations. This is the use of soul power. This is bondage. It is devilish and powered by demons. It will require the use of spiritual warfare by the minister and the counselee to gain their freedom and to stay free.

God does not want us to dominate others. Neither does God want us to have control over our spirit or souls in any ungodly manner for our own pleasure or power. (See notes on astral projection). We are to renew our minds with God's Word, and bring our will into submission to God and His laws. We are to exercise self-control over our minds, wills and emotions. This is the way we take dominion over our flesh and crucify it.

What to do to be free:
To be free, it is necessary to cut these cords of iniquity or soul ties to the controlling person. This transfers the control back to the person who has been controlled. Every individual is responsible for guarding their minds and submitting to the Holy Spirit, Jesus and God's laws for guidance. The believer has the power to break these soul ties in Jesus' Name. The counselee has to agree with breaking these ungodly bonds. Also, they may have to move away from the reach of the controller. Take everyone through the following prayer. Renounce and command all demons or familiar spirits that make this control possible to leave in Jesus' name. Again, with familiar spirits, it may be wise to call upon the Father to send angels to take the familiar spirits to their destiny.

Prayer No. 10

Have the person pray the following prayer, first:

Dear Heavenly Father, I come to You, in Jesus' name, and acknowledge that You gave everyone a free will. I humbly repent for allowing any control or bondage in my life, and ask to be forgiven. I RENOUNCE all use of soul power. I RENOUNCE allowing myself to be controlled or manipulated in any way. I loose myself from all control, soul bonding, bondage, slavery, or any spirits that have come from the controller, any sex partner in the past or by any person, specifically (name of person). I declare that Jesus has delivered me from bondage and I am a child of Light and the Bride of Christ. I now ask You, Lord Jesus, to set me free from these soul ties, soul bonds or cords of iniquity between me and any sex partner of the past, or any other person or persons, specifically (name of person). I cancel and break this bonding and cords of iniquity permanently. I take back all rights to my body, to my soul and to my spirit. I reclaim all the parts of myself that were connected to the other person or sex partner of the past. I release all parts of the other person. I break any psychic or telepathic links between me and any other person, in Jesus' name. Father, if there should be any ungodly bonds between my soul and spirit, I now renounce them and break them, in Jesus' name. I ask You, Father, to apply the Blood of Jesus to where these cords were connected so they can never be reconnected. I command all spirits that have come from the controller(s), or any demon that make these psychic or telepathic links operate, to leave me now and never return, in Jesus' name. It is my desire to worship You, Heavenly Father, with all my body, soul and spirit, in Jesus' name. Amen.

Counselor then prays this prayer over the person that is bound:

I thank You, Lord Jesus Christ, that You came to set the captive free. You have commanded that Your disciples do likewise. As a disciple and follower of the Lord Jesus Christ and one covered with His blood and seated with Him in the Heavenly realms; I take up the authority that He has given me. I now declare that all the soul ties and cords of iniquity are broken off (person's name). (Person's name) is set free from all bondage. I declare that all cords of iniquity and ungodly bonds between (person's name) and any person or persons are cut. I also declare that any ungodly bonds between your soul and spirit are cut. I come in agreement with (person's name) and command all the spirits from the controller(s) to leave now and never return, in Jesus' name. I COMMEND you (person's name) to walk by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, allowing God's control in your life. I declare this in the power and authority of the Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.

The Rule Of The Victor Prayer

The "Rule Of The Victor" prayer is an excellent warfare prayer that will stop and remove demons being sent against you or your counselee. The first version of this prayer was developed by the Rev. Leonard M. Anspach, Altoona, PA. This prayer is not intended to deal with personal demons present because of personal sins or generational curses in the family, but to knock out demonic spirits that are sent out by satanist. This prayer is very effective when working with survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse. Put in your name or the name of the person you are praying for.

The Rule Of The Victor Prayer

In the name of Jesus Christ I claim the “Rule of the Victor” over all spirits and spiritual assignments to interfere, confuse, torment or harm  __________________________(name of the person or event). All such assigned spirits must leave now, all vows, spells and curses are canceled and those who sent them are here by cut off from receiving power from darkness in the future. All communications and plans of darkness, on earth or the heavenlies are here by blocked, confused and all curses, spells and assignments will return to the sender. Father God, as Your Word says, I pray a blessing on the sender that they may repent from their evil ways and come to know Your Son Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Amen

I received this document from Ralph Gilbert, Director of Freedom Through Jesus Fellowship located in New Freedom, PA. Ralph is a man of God and I am blessed to know him. For more information about this Christ centered ministry, send an email to

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If you are going to work with ritual abuse survivors, you must also get educated if you want to be effective. And you must learn to be humble. Trauma survivors do not need to be around ignorant, modern-day Pharisees. Survivors in pain need people who will connect with them on an emotional level, get right down in there where they are, and listen. --Kathleen Sullivan