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What you're after is truth from the inside out.
Enter me, then; conceive a new, true life.

(Psalm 51:6 The Message)

A safe place for sharing information for healing Ritual Abuse, Mind Control, Sexual Abuse, living with Dissociative Conditions, and finding Biblical Truth

We who have run for our very lives to God have every reason

to grab on to the promised hope and not let go.  Hebrews 6 / The Message
Duplicity Programming:  the devil’s deception

[Note: This article may trigger survivors. Please pray before reading and preferably read it with a therapist or caregiver. This programming does not apply to all survivors. Only God knows how much, if any, applies to you.]

What is Duplicity?

Imagine a foster child who has been repeatedly abused, having been placed in numerous homes with promises of love, kindness, and fairness. At last he experiences loving behavior. He’d like nothing more than to find this real and lasting. He starts to let his guard down. He starts to trust. Just when it begins to really feel safe, he is abused. Now imagine this has happened over and over again his whole life, only each time he is more skeptical and hesitant to trust. He waits longer and tests harder until he feels surer than ever before that perhaps he has found love. He knows he is foolish to try, to trust, but surely this time it is different, this time is right. So he opens his heart, he cracks a door of vulnerability, and....gets abused. He doesn’t try anymore. Sometimes he gets close to love’s warmth but he won’t venture far, because he knows if he does in the end it will fail. He keeps a safe distance, smelling the sweet fragrance of freedom but never really tasting. He plays a game of Russian roulette, trying to stay as close to love as is safe but not going too far to have it betray him. This is duplicity. He can see the love. He can almost taste the freedom. As much as he wants it, it will never happen. He is stuck -- wanting and knowing he can never have.

Imagine you are on a game show. You have come from poverty. You have won $5,000. It is more than you have ever known. One more question and you could win a million. You could get yourself and everyone you love out of debt. Oh, the things you could do! You are told it is not a risk because the show is fixed and they will give you the answer. You are told there is no way you can lose. You are even an expert in the category of the next question. You risk it. You loose! Gotcha! This is duplicity. All the evidence says it is safe, that you can trust, but every time you do, it ends with a horrible gotcha!

Imagine you are an SRA survivor. You have experienced the above situations by hundreds of people, in hundreds of circumstances all your life. You have finally found God, you are growing and healing. You want total freedom from the demonic, from the programming, from the lies, from the depression. You’ve found a $5000 place of comfort. Maybe it’s your first good counselor or your first good church, but whatever it is, you stop there, stuck in cement. It is too risky to go for the million. You stay stuck at the spot that is the best your life has ever been but afraid to go further. That is duplicity.

Most all programming of SRA survivors has had to do with duplicity in one way or another. For example, Alice in Wonderland programming teaches you nothing is what it seems, and twin programming and black widow programming result in deep love and deep hate for the same person. Death covenants and double binds, anything with double meaning is duplicity. What I am calling “duplicity programming” is the granddaddy of this all! Duplicity keeps a client stuck, destroys a therapist’s reputation, and nullifies God in the heart of the survivor. It is the ultimate fail-safe plan from the cult should an SRA victim turn to the Lord, find a good Spirit-led therapist, and really get serious with healing and obeying God.

It is somewhat like borderline splitting into black and white, or all good and all bad, but instead of feeling good now and bad later, both are simultaneously present and influencing, though maybe not consciously. The dark is always lurking to rob the good, the dark always preventing the enjoyment and fruition of the good. The survivor never quite comes to complete faith in God , all the while believing this is even Biblical, since we are to walk by faith and not by sight/feelings. If you never quite “feel” God’s peace or never quite “know” God’s character, or never “for sure know” memories are real, that’s OK, for you are to walk by faith. But it is NOT OK, because faith without assurance soon dies. Duplicity is the ultimate no-win situation, the ultimate double bind, and the ultimate “gotcha” when you try to break from it’s grasp. Everything has a double meaning. Things are both/and. Good is always paired with bad at some level. It is like trying to think of H2O, but not water. It is like trying to think of peanut butter at a sandwich shop without thinking of jelly. It is like trying to think of Dr. Jeckel without remembering there is also Hyde. Throughout the survivor’s life the good has been infused with bad. They are twinned hundreds of times, in hundreds of ways.

Biblical Examples

Proverbs 11:3 says, “The integrity of the upright guides them, but the unfaithful are destroyed by their duplicity.” Integrity means wholeness. Integrity means being unimpaired, honest and whole. A person walking in integrity with God is guided by God and has assurance in God’s leading. Duplicity (perversity, crookedness, dishonesty, falseness) destroys and robs any hope of faithfully standing. Integrity and duplicity are opposites. The person stuck in duplicity is not able to fully trust God, God’s guidance, or hearing God correctly. It is a vicious circle. Even if you could hear correctly, you can’t trust God. Even if you could trust God, surely you could never hear correctly. The Hebrew word translated duplicity is celeph and means distortion, i.e. (figuratively) viciousness.1

Luke 20:20-26 shows Christ evading a snare his enemies laid before him.,2 but “he saw through their duplicity...” The Pharisees thought they had given Christ a no-win situation that would destroy him, having to choose between Caesar (the world’s system at that time) and God. They knew this prophet Yeshua would not deny God and so thought he would say no to paying taxes to Caesar , thus getting in trouble with the government. Jesus did not answer quickly, nor did He feel any obligation to answer their exact question. He recognized the temptation , the trap, the no-win situation. He clarified the boundaries: give what is due to Caesar and give all that is due to God. Without Yeshua, a person stuck in duplicity sees no way out of the trap. He tries to serve both without ever fully committing to either. The Greek word translated duplicity is panourgia and means literally “allworking” i.e. doing everything (pan - all, ergon – work), hence, unscrupulous conduct, craftiness, trickery or sophistry, a readiness for every and any deed, knavery. It is always used in a bad sense in the NT. 3 This definition explains the duplicity programming. It is a set up, a readiness built in the survivor just waiting to destroy every good and every growth step.

James 1:8 speaks of the double-minded man unstable in all his ways. The Greek word translated double-minded is dipsuchos and means double- souled: the one soul directed toward God, the other to something else.4 It is applicable to a man who has no settled principles but is controlled by one opinion or course of conduct, and to another. This person will be undetermined in all things. He is unable to take hold of the promises of God with firmness, unable to feel the deepest assurance when he prays that God will hear prayer, and unable to go to God without hesitation. “The man of two souls, who has one for earth, and another for heaven; who wishes to secure both worlds; he will not give up earth, and he is loth to let heaven go. This was a usual term among the Jews, to express the man who attempted to worship God, and yet retained the love of the creature.” 5 “Double minded is not deceitful but dubious and undecided.”6 It is Bunyan’s “Mr. Facing-both-ways.”7 This definition also explains duplicity programming. For the survivor programmed this way, you never feel full faith, you always feel evil no matter how much you grow in your Christian life because underneath there is deep commitment to both worlds.

Synonyms for duplicity are: deceit, deception, dishonesty, disloyalty, unfaithfulness, treachery, fraudulence, and betrayal. Unfortunately, these are issues to which the survivor is consistently exposed.

Duplicity Programming and Its Impact

Duplicity is the cult’s fail-safe system. It drives other programming, but should the survivor come to the Lord and grow, it is the ultimate gotcha to prevent maturity. It is the cult’s insurance plan to preserve the New World Order. Not only are there cult developmental levels and time tables implanted for destruction but, I believe, in society at large there are cultural movements designed to stop healing. For example, I was taught in graduate school that MPD was rare and I would never see it. Though I went through a Christian graduate program that taught integration of faith and practice, it was for the most part, not practiced. And you can imagine the low opinion placed on doing spiritual warfare in the therapist’s office. By the time you are warned/threatened concerning false memory syndrome and litigation against Christian therapists, well, not many are left available to help this survivor population.

The survivor believes that from the womb they are duplicitous and can never be a person of integrity. They believe even their egg in the womb has been tampered with, adding in a satanic nature. Over and over again, any good is destroyed by the cult splicing in bad. Look at ways the systems are set up into dark side and light side, false Christian host as well as a Christian host, ascended and descended systems, false god and false trinity internally. All this is duplicity but it is also the basis of a fail-safe plan should the person really start healing. In always questioning who they are the survivor can never truly experience all she is in God. Anton LeVay’s goal was to create duplicitous people, serving god by day and Satan by night, thus negating serving God at all. In duplicity programming there is a Christian light side but it is religion not relationship. It is not the born again experience that results in the Holy Spirit leading into all truth and helping with accurate discernment. It is a false religion. Anton LeVay taught that the highest sacrifice to Satan is to achieve serving as leaders in both worlds, Christian by day and cult by night. When a part of the survivor from the light side become a true Christian, the growth and healing begin. But because all the other lurks beneath, she never feels her faith is quite right. This is duplicity: there is always something wrong with her and/or with God.

I remember in my early days of counseling. We found a top layer of parts in dissociative clients, worked through their PTSD trauma, integrated those parts, did post-integration stabilization, and thought they were healed. We know now, that was only the tip of the ice berg. Then with clients we went further into systems, layers, and programming until surely we had found all the layers. Then we found there were almost as many, if not more, hidden for the 9/9/99 awakening for New World Order jobs. The cult counts on clients never fully healing. The cult counts on therapists never going far enough and trusting in psychological training rather than God’s leading. Without God’s revelation, I never would have known about deeper layers in these clients, those layers were so hidden. Without God’s leading I would have never known to pray for hidden parts before they were to be awakened 9/9/99.

Just in case some therapist and client do get this far, duplicity picks up a greater role. There is awakening of systems of duplicate parts so that switching is virtually impossible to detect by the therapist or the client. The duplicate thinks they are the host, they have the same beliefs and are in almost every way are identical. The duplicate feels she is the Christian host but it is one of the false Christians posing as her. The Christian host can’t even tell the difference thinking it is herself. The crucial difference? The duplicate can’t hear from God and probably serves an internal false god. The duplicate has only head knowledge. There is no heart relationship to the Lord. There is no discerning Spirit. It is religion, not faith in the Living God who answers prayer.

Therapist doubles 8 appear and begin hurting dark side parts outside the therapy session. Memories of events with the double and demonic tricks cause memories of abuse from the therapist to start surfacing in light side parts. All of this is to destroy trust in the therapist and therapeutic process. But just suppose therapist and client both turn to God and pray through this. The cult must put in a deeper plan for ultimate gotcha. In one situation the cult had a therapist look-alike abuse a part of the client. The client began to not trust her therapist but did not know why. The abused part would near during sessions (probably in an attempt to protect) and the client felt the feelings of betrayal, that lack of trust, and impending doom. Even when the client comes to believe there might be a “double” of the therapist, she is never quite sure. Remember, the goal of a satanist is to pull off the ultimate duplicity of being a leader in both worlds. If the survivor happens to come close to the threshold of freedom, he only finds a cruel gotcha that dashes all hope and confirms that all must have the dual nature of Satan and god.

The ultimate gotcha for the Satanist is attacking the character of God. Satan left God and declared himself god. He set up a counterfeit for everything God has. The cult uses Satan’s plan. Satan says he and God are one, that they are both sides of the same coin. They pervert Scripture and Christian doctrine to prove it to the victim. They distort things like Jesus being fully God and fully man, and Jesus asking on the cross why God forsook him. This is hard to grasp, but for the satanist LeVay taught the higher you go on both sides (satanism in the dark and Christian leader in the light) the greater the sacrifice to Satan. The closer you get to serving each in perfection is the ultimate goal. Of, course, the service to god in this case is an internal false god and false trinity. That is part of the reason a survivor feels the closer they get to God and really walking with Him, then the closer they are to their evil, and worse than that, in the end it is the ultimate gotcha because God is duplicitous as well. So you get in a spot with the most freedom you’ve ever known in Christ, but stop there, preventing the ultimate GOTCHA. Every wondered why some clients get so far and then get so stuck?

These deep beliefs in duplicity are usually not the early therapy spiritual issues already addressed. Many spiritual questions have already been answered dealing with trauma with the first systems presenting in therapy. When most of that already seems finally settled, duplicity comes with the deepest of hidden systems. These systems were never supposed to be found. But just in case the survivor gets that far in their healing, duplicity is Satan’s insurance plan that they will never finish healing.

One no-win situation after another builds walls of brick and mortar between the survivor and any hope that God is not duplicitous. These walls are like the great wall of China, prisons and insane asylums full of wounded parts who tried to make sense of it all and gave up to psychosis or were locked up through strongholds.

If the survivor does remember trauma, she feels she must be making it up. At each layer of systems the trauma done to the survivor gets worse until she becomes the perpetrator and each layer uncovered results in greater atrocities. Eventually the atrocities are so great that the survivor accepts psychosis rather than face the reality of what’s been done. You might be wondering what is the difference in this and any trauma. It is a matter of degree. At the deepest levels some report having gone through a checklist of doing every possible evil at least once. It is the magnitude of what was done to others that the survivor cannot face. It is also the escalation process. For example, the survivor spends the first part of therapy dealing with trauma done to him. He finally accepts it. He finally heals. He finally forgives. He processes all the anger felt toward the perpetrator. Then later in therapy he finds that he has been a perpetrator, and not only that it is like Ezekiel 16,9 whatever they did, his is worse!

At other times, the survivor is convinced the atrocity is not real. One survivor was given a bomb to leave on a bus of children. After that incident, there was a staged bus bombing. She saw one little boy who supposedly died, get pop at a coke machine. He was dressed like on the bus. He had what looked like blood all over him. So it wasn’t real, it was acting or a movie. After many of these incidents the survivor gives up trying to figure out what is real and what is not.

The survivor feels no one can be trusted, not the therapist, not the survivor. Early on the cult set it up over and over for the survivor to be in a threatening situation. She is then rescued by a friend. This happens over and over. The stakes get higher and higher, and then the “friend” betrays her. The same scenario is set up for Jesus. One survivor reported that her friend kept witnessing to her. She finally accepted Jesus only to go to a cult meeting that night where an “imposter Jesus” abused her. What crushing, disappointment, devastation and self-loathing. The survivor says to himself, “ You fool! You should have known better. Remember this! NEVER TRUST COMPLETELY! Come on, say it, covenant it, NEVER TRUST COMPLETELY!”

Duplicity is like a double bind in that it is a no-win situation. But the double bind can be resolved when coming to God as the only protector and Savior. If a survivor’s double bind is don’t heal or the cult will kill those you love, then you are caught only as long as you believe you must control the situation yourself. Once you know God loves and has the power to protect your loved ones more than you, the power of the double bind is broken. In duplicity, however, God himself is seen as duplicitous. Therefore, you want more than anything to let God protect your loved ones because you know you really can’t do it, but not knowing if God will truly protect or kill, you continue to try to be your loved ones’ rescuer/savior. You would give anything to give over that burden to God, if only you could trust He would not be duplicitous.

Scripture is taught carefully using duplicity. Every verse and principle are given double meaning, or taken completely out of context. Romans 7 is a catch 22 carefully taught devoid of Romans 8:1 freedom. Then 8:1 is introduced as hope, only to be dashed as Jesus is taught to be duplicitous and capable of healing or hurting. During ceremonies children are evangelized in one way or another by preachers, parents, friends, therapists, etc. Once the child is close to believing in Jesus, she is brought to a ceremony where a false Jesus is shown to be either a perpetrator or too weak to help. Then another close person carefully explains that God would never do that, that the real Jesus is not like that, that He loves and would never abuse, that she was tricked. Despite her suspicion and fear the child begins to hope again that there is a good God who loves her and can save her. Once it is judged by the cult that the child is close to faith, again she is brought to a ceremony by this person, the very one who has been saying she was tricked and she can trust the true God of the Bible. There again she is taken to a fake Jesus who abuses her or abuses her friend in front of her.

Some passages become trick questions, and on any given ceremony the answer may be different from week to week. ( Examples: Mt. 7:9 If you ask for a loaf will He give you a stone? Job 13:15 Though He slay me, yet will I hope in Him.)

Hundreds of gotcha situations occur. It is like a computer game with infinite levels , each one harder and more rewarding, but eventually you lose. The process and outcome are always the same with one vital exception. Each time it builds, the stakes get higher, and most importantly the object of hope is more believable. And each time, even though this time is surely different, the survivor is betrayed. All programming has the element of duplicity but the point of duplicity programming is this accumulated effect that destroys all hope and solidifies the fact that all, including God, are duplicitous. After while, when anyone tries to talk about freedom in Christ it has the same impact on the survivor as it would if I told you the reader, you are 20 years older, a different race, and a different nationality. You’d have no reason to believe me.

One complicating factor is that some therapists truly don’t help and sometimes do harm. Some are, in fact, sincere dissociative, trauma survivors themselves who have not finished their process. Some really are operating a dark side agenda through being a Christian therapist in the light. Only depending on God’s direction and revelation will genuine and complete healing occur. Therapists who are healthy and Spirit-led counselors are able to do in hours what traditional therapy takes years to do. But what a price they pay for doing this ministry. They will be accused of all manner of evil. They will be slandered, sued, betrayed, and hurt.

Dealing with Duplicity

Tearing down duplicity programming is only through prayer to the One true God in whom there is no duplicity. He must be defined so as to exclude all of Satan’s deceptions and counterfeit. In the OT before Moses went to Sinai, they knew there was One true God and that all the others were man-made idols. They didn’t know his name. Now we know the name he gave Moses, as well as other names he is called in scripture. Satan knows these too and has perverted each one. We would do well to go back and do as Moses did – pray to the One True God in whom there is no duplicity, the only One who is above ALL else.

Living in Christian community takes rough, jagged stoned survivors and over time, after much of cutting and bruising, sharp edges are removed. Through time and sanctification in the rivers of living water, they come out as smooth river rock. 10 Maturity wasn’t meant to take place in a vacuum of independence and isolation. Whether in your extended family, a church body, or in a literal healing community, we need to return to ACTS living. That was and is God’s plan for His children. True community living is both the largest challenge to independent , controlling Americans as well as the largest and fastest means God has given us for maturing. It is a constant Prov 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend. “ NKJV It is Luke 6:32-36 "If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even `sinners' love those who love them. 33 And if you do good to those who are good to you, what credit is that to you? Even `sinners' do that. 34 And if you lend to those from whom you expect repayment, what credit is that to you? Even `sinners' lend to `sinners,' expecting to be repaid in full. 35 But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High, because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked. 36 Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.” NIV This is extremely important for survivors who have enough problems with relationships as it is, but throw in cross-programming with dark side parts and agendas pitted against each other....well, I can think of no better context for growth, even if it is like jumping in the deep end of the swimming pool to learn how to swim.

Forgiving oneself is crucial to forgiving others. If I cannot forgive myself for what I consider the worst of wrongs, then I cannot forgive others, and I won’t be able to deal with my bitterness and anger at God. Duplicity often gets a client stuck at the point of the greatest healing potential. Finding a trusted therapist who follows God meets tremendous unfulfilled parenting needs for the client. But when a client finds she has been programmed to destroy this therapist she loves, that she has in fact hurt this therapist deeply, it presents perhaps the most powerful healing context available. Seeing the therapist forgive the client under these circumstances presents the closest , tangible proof the client will ever have that God loves her and forgives her. (It is the height of projective identification for those of you into psychological jargon.) For one client, this context provided the first and only experience she’d ever know of truly being able to let go of her sin to the cross and forgive herself.

To the one stuck in duplicity, you cannot say that the non-duplicitous God has failed you because you have never tried Him. You have never asked the One True, above all else, non-duplicitous God to save you because you have never believed He existed. For the part who has seen Jesus save others in the system, ask the parts stuck in duplicity to watch. Look to the experience of the parts who have turned to the non-duplicitous God.

How do you tear down duplicity? You build integrity. One right thing psychology has taught is that it is impossible usually to simply stop a bad habit. You have to replace it by building a new better behavior. For the SRA survivor this means assuming duplicity in everything and going before the One True God in everything. When He comes again, Revelation says He has a name that no one has ever know, not even Satan. That name has never been perverted! To this One True God who is coming soon, we pray before every move we make, asking Him to tear down the duplicity and make His truth known. John 1 says believe on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved. What is the Name? What is it you are to believe? Rev. 19:13 says it is the Word of God. We must believe the Word but first it has to be cleansed. How? By calling on the Spirit of the One True God to hear it correctly. 11

Duplicity programming is built on escalating trials, increased hopes, and more devastating GOTCHA’s. There is a gotcha in reality, but it is not the one taught by the cult. It is not coming to the last game and finding you lose, that you are duplicitous or that God is duplicitous. The ultimate gotcha is never knowing the non-duplicitous God! It is coming to the end of life and seeing His love that was waiting for you all along but you were too afraid to accept it. It is coming to the end and realizing that fear of man kept you in fear of God when, with God there was nothing man could do to you. Fear gives duplicity the power. Fear is why we don’t face our duplicity. My heart’s desire is for all Christians, especially survivors, is that we would seek the non-duplicitous God and ask Him to continually convict us and rid us of fear, pride, unbelief and rebellion, that we might know Him, fully assured, and worship Him in Spirit and in Truth!

Dr. Moody is a licensed psychologist in private practice. Comments or questions may be sent to or to C.A.R.E., Inc.
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Copyright C.A.R.E.  Used by permission

If you are going to work with ritual abuse survivors, you must also get educated if you want to be effective. And you must learn to be humble. Trauma survivors do not need to be around ignorant, modern-day Pharisees. Survivors in pain need people who will connect with them on an emotional level, get right down in there where they are, and listen. --Kathleen Sullivan